Resident Evil 7 has sold 7.9 million copies

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Back in February we reported that Resident Evil 7 was working its way up the list of best-selling Resident Evil games, then sitting at number three behind Resident Evils 5 and 6. Or should that be Residents Evil? I don’t know.

Now, according to more recent sales figures from Capcom, it’s moved 7.9 million units and pushed ahead of the base versions of the other Resident Evil games. (The numbers would be slightly different if Capcom counted things like Resident Evil 5 Gold and the various ports together, but they’re all listed separately for some reason.)

For some perspective, Capcom’s number one game is Monster Hunter World at 16.1 million, which is like the sales figures for two Resident Evil games put together. Still, it’s interesting that Resident Evil 7, with its infamously slow launch, has built such a long tail compared to games that enjoyed much better opening months. 

Meanwhile, the Resident Evil 2 remake has sold 7.2 million, making it the fourth best-selling of the series by Capcom’s ranking and their fifth best-seller overall.

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