Kanye West Spots Fake Employee on His Payroll, Enlists Fans to Help Identify Her

2020 continues to deliver the weirdest news. Kanye West has found a fake employee on his payroll and nobody knows who she is. The rapper has reached out to his fans to see if they can help identify Lauren Greenfield, who is apparently his “Music Consultant.” It’s unclear how long Ms. Greenfield has been getting a paycheck from West, who was just listed as a billionaire by Forbes. The entertainment mogul has his hands in a lot of different industries, but he does not have a music consultant named Lauren Greenfield.

Late last night, Kanye West tweeted, “Has anyone ever heard of this person ? I just found a fake employee on my payroll!!!” Along with the message was a screen shot of the name Lauren Greenfield, along with the t**le, “Music Consultant.” Fans believe she could be a photographer who shot pictures of his wife Kim Kardashian years ago. Others have gone in for jokes with one person stating the employee “was real until July 24th, but when the album didn’t drop she vanished because a music consultant was no longer needed.”

Model/actress Chrissy Teigen even got in on the fun by posting a gif of her looking awkward, while giggling and shifting in her seat. As with anything Kanye West does, fans were there to offer support and give him massive compliments. While the rapper has a lot of support from his friends, family, and millions of fans from all over the world, it doesn’t look like his presidential campaign is going so well.

It was just announce that Kanye West is blocked from the presidential ballot in Wisconsin after missing the deadline by just 14 seconds. Wisconsin is a battleground state, and without it, West doesn’t really have a chance of a realistic successful “walk” for president campaign. He has stated numerous times over the past several months that he is not running for president, he is “walking” for the “Birthday Party.” Apparently some running might have helped get him on the ballot in Wisconsin. West is still determined to keep his campaign alive even though there really isn’t a chance of him winning.

Theories have popped up stating that Kanye West is only “walking” for president to steal votes away from Democratic nominee Joe Biden. West has had a very public relationship with Donald Trump and accepted donations from Republicans. When asked if he was actively trying to spoil the election, West simply said, “I’m not going to argue with you, Jesus is King.” Now, he has bigger things to look out for since he has been paying a mystery person on his payroll for a lengthy amount of time. As it turns out, not even billionaires know where all of their money goes, even from within their own businesses. You can check out Kanye West’s Twitter plea for help above.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb