Strange Gamma-Ray Heartbeat Discovered in Cosmic Gas Cloud, Is Galactus Coming?

A mysterious heartbeat found in a cosmic gas cloud has Marvel Comics fans thinking that Galactus is approaching Earth. Scientists in the United States, Germany, China, and Spain are baffled and amazed by the discovery. Obviously, this has a lot of people joking about what 2020 will deliver next after murder hornets, prehistoric hell ants, nuclear cannibal ants, the Annabelle escaping hoax, a public health crisis, Tiger King, and a lot more. Well, the villainous Galactus is a good change of pace.

The cosmic gas cloud has a mysterious gamma-ray heartbeat, which is pulsating in rhythm with a nearby black hole. NASA has cataloged the micro-quasar as SS 433, and it is located about 15,000 lightyears away in the Milky Way. It consists of “a giant star with about 30 times the mass of our sun and a black hole with about 10 to 20 solar masses.” According to researcher Jian Li, “Finding such an unambiguous connection via timing, about 100 light-years away from the micro quasar, not even along the direction of the jets is as unexpected as amazing.” However, they have no idea what the connection is to the black hole. “But how the black hole can power the gas cloud’s heartbeat is unclear to us.”

The micro-quasar SS 433 “consists of a black hole and a giant star orbiting each other, with the black hole constantly s***ing matter from the star. This matter collects on an accretion disk before falling into the black hole.” Some of the matter falls directly into the black hole, while the rest is jetted into space in a spiral pattern. Some are under the impression that aliens are on the way, but that happens every time a new story about some random weirdness is space is reported.

Marvel Comics fans are instead thinking about the villainous Galactus coming down to gobble up Earth. Artist BossLogic tweeted, “So September 2020 is Galactus,” which got a lot of other people thinking the same thing. Another person chimed in, “Oh great now we have Galactus,” while another says, “I’m turning on all of y’all and siding with Galactus,” which might not be too bad of an idea. Of course the fictional Galactus isn’t coming to Earth, but it’s a lot more fun than thinking about the apocalypse.

Further observations are needed in order to properly study the gamma-ray heartbeat of this crazy discovery. “SS 433 continues to amaze observers at all frequencies and theoreticians alike,” says Jian Li. “And it is certain to provide a testbed for our ideas on cosmic-ray production and propagation near micro-quasars for years to come.” Scitech Daily was one of the first outlets to report on the mysterious gamma-ray heartbeat within the cosmic gas cloud. You can check out some of the tweets about Galactus below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb