Taraji P. Henson Goes Viral on 50th Birthday Showing Off Her String Bikini

Taraji P. Henson has gone viral after showing off her 50th birthday celebration in a string bikini. Unlike Captain America star Chris Evans, Henson meant to share her steamy photos with her fans over the weekend. The Empire actress is on a yacht in the images, which almost looks like a mini photo session. Her fans were all over the images and complimenting Henson on her bikini, which leaves little to the imagination.

The images of Taraji P. Henson quickly started going viral, making the actress one of the trending topics on Twitter over the weekend. Henson clearly had a good time celebrating her birthday with a few friends and family while out at sea. Like a lot of people right now, Henson gained a little weight during the quarantine. “I GOT FAT. So I gotta fix it!” Henson said in late July. She added, “I feel like in order for me to get it together before my birthday September 11, I had to come clean because I feel like you guys will hold me accountable.”

Taraji P. Henson went on to add, “I had to call on my trainer Mike T and he’s gonna get me together.” She turned her garage into a gym and started the “Forcefitness 30 Day Challenge.” She said, “All we’ve got is time, and if anything I can use this time to be my best self.” She certainly took the challenge seriously and has lost the weight that she wanted to get rid of. There is no evidence of any weight gain in her celebratory images from the yacht.

According to trainer Mike T, “Taraji is very disciplined in the gym.” He went on to add, “She’s the type of person that if you tell her she can’t do something, she’s definitely going to want to do it even harder.” The fitness trainer also described Henson’s focus as “second to none” and called her “a dream client.” While Henson claimed that she was “fat,” her photos are far from what the average person would call even overweight. Whatever the case may be, she was inspired to get into fitness during the public health crisis.

Taraji P. Henson is engaged to be married and has revealed that they are putting the wedding on hold until things get better. “It’s a lot to think about and I just think… pause, stop and just think this thing through. We will be forever changed, humanity will be forever changed after this,” she said. Plenty of people are doing the same, although Stranger Things star David Harbour recently went out to Las Vegas to marry singer Lilly Allen with a miniature reception at the In-N-Out. You can check out the string bikini images above, thanks to Taraji P. Henson’s Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb