The Babysitter 3 Will Happen on Netflix If Audiences Want It, Story Is Ready to Go

The Babysitter 3 Script Ready Netflix Mcg The Babysitter 3 Will Happen on Netflix If Audiences Want It, Story Is Ready to Go

The surprise hit 2017 Netflix horror-comedy The Babysitter recently had a sequel release t**led The Babysitter: Killer Queen. The second movie in the franchise takes forward the story of teen misfit Cole Jonhson who finds himself the target of yet another satanic murder ritual after surviving the last one in the previous movie. The director of the movie, McG, told CBR that fans can expect a second sequel if The Babysitter: Killer Queen proves as successful as the original film (Warning: SPOILERS!).

“We have the story and I firmly put it in the hands of the audience: If the audience wants it, they’ll see it and we’ll do it and, if they say ‘No, I don’t like this’ then we won’t. And I would love to because I would love to conclude the arc of the Cole character. I love the surprises from the second movie, I love that Melanie is the bad guy — I like to flip a card at the end of the first act and, whoops, it’s Melanie! In the third act, I flip another card, that it was all under control by Bea and Bea was Phoebe’s original babysitter and she’s the one that sold her soul for good purposes whereas all the other kids, as a reflection of social media and its influence, sold their souls for lightweight purposes. I love those surprises and there’s a couple of big surprises left for the third one.”

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The original The Babysitter managed to mine plenty of unexpected humor and horror out of the simple premise of having a murderous babysitter. The sequel adds yet more twists and turns to the tale, and it sounds like McG has a few more surprises up his sleeve for a potential third movie in a full trilogy. While fans are praising The Babysitter: Killer Queen for its unexpected departures from the original, and adept mix of horror and meta-comedy, there are some who feel the action relies too much on blood and gore. For McG, the over-the-top bloodiness of the kills in his film is a deliberate homage to old-school grindhouse movies.

“The gore is meant to be grindhousey. You can see I spent so much time in the ’90s under the tutelage of Quentin Tarantino, I was making music videos and commercials at [Tarantino’s production company] A Band Apart. You look at Django Unchained and the way the sister gets pulled out of the way by a ratchet pole from a shot by Jamie Foxx’s pistol, it’s not realistic. The amount of blood coming out isn’t realistic, but I find it thoroughly enjoyable. I just do things like that because I let “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if…” be my North Star, and it results in this sort of film, which certainly isn’t for everybody. But I’m hoping that the people that it is for really, really passionately go for it.”

Directed, produced and co-written by McG, The Babysitter: Killer Queen features a cast comprising of Judah Lewis, Hana Mae Lee, Robbie Amell, Bella Thorne, Emily Alyn Lind, Andrew Bachelor, Leslie Bibb, Ken Marino and Jenna Ortega. The film is available to stream now on Netflix. This news comes from CBR.

Neeraj Chand