Watch as 50 Cent Gives Lucky Burger King Workers Over $30K

Rapper 50 Cent and social media influencer Jay Mazini shocked Burger King employees by handing out over $30,000 in cash. Video footage shows employees at a Queens, New York location freaking out as they accept the money from 50 Cent and Mazini. As it turns out, the rapper, aka Curtis Jackson, grew up near the fast food restaurant. “Jay Mazini is the real deal, he saw me in the hood yesterday so we went tonight and showed everybody some love,” said Jackson on social media.

Jay Mazini is well-known for staging “impromptu cash drops” in and around New York City. He hit up 50 Cent for this latest cash drop, and the rapper agreed to take part. In the video, Mazini walks up to the Burger King drive-thru and starts chatting with the workers. “How’s life treating you, how is everything with COVID?” Mazini asked, “They paying right?” He then asked how many employees there were inside the restaurant and had them all come up to the window as he started to give out cash.

After about a minute, the Burger King employees saw 50 Cent walk up to the drive-thru to hand out even more money. The two talked with the employees some more and then had to address law enforcement, who came to investigate the situation. 50 Cent and Jay Mazini question whether or not to hand the cops some cash before telling their friends to turn off their cameras. It’s unclear if the cops were able to participate in getting some free money from the duo. Mazini later said, “Passed over [$30,000] me and 50 Cent to these hard workers, during this pandemic. Fif told me I really like what you’re doing, I told him it’s good karma at the end of the day big bro!!!”

Jay Mazini likes to say, “Change lives and connect with real ones. Southside Queens stand up!! Ya deserve it,” when handing out cash during his drops. The Burger King employees are certainly never going to forget the night that strangers walked up to the drive-thru window and started handing out thousands of dollars. Work is hard for everybody at the moment, so the gesture was more than likely greatly appreciated.

50 Cent was recently in the news when a viral video of Tiger King star Carole Baskin dancing to his hit song “In Da Club” caught his attention. He said, “This song wasn’t music it was magic, it went everywhere in the world then never went away every day is somebody’s birthday. but the sh*t it did to Murder inc Lol” He, and a lot of others weren’t really into Baskin’s take on the hit song, which was recorded for a Cameo video. Baskin has been reportedly making a lot of money from the service, while 50 Cent is out literally giving money away. You can check out a video of the Burger King cash drop above, thanks to 50 Cent’s Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb